Is My AC Compressor Overheating? | Summer AC Tips
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How Do I Know if My AC Compressor Is Overheating?

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As the summer season settles, your AC system becomes increasingly essential for maintaining consistent comfort indoors. However, components like a malfunctioning compressor can lead to inefficiencies and discomfort. One common issue homeowners face is an overheating AC compressor. Understanding this issue’s signs and how to resolve it can save you from costly repairs and ensure lasting comfort indoors.

In this blog post, the cooling experts at Masters Heating & Cooling explain the signs of an overheating AC compressor and how to attempt to solve the problem on your own before calling in a professional.

Signs of an Overheating AC Compressor

The AC compressor is responsible for circulating refrigerant through your cooling system, allowing your air conditioner to cool your home effectively. When this component overheats, it can lead to system failure and potentially expensive repairs. Here are a few signs that indicate your AC compressor may be overheating:

Frequently Tripped Circuit Breakers

If your circuit breaker constantly trips when your AC unit is on, it could indicate that the compressor is drawing too much power due to overheating. This is a protective measure to prevent electrical fires, but it points to a problem that needs further inspection.

Warm Air from Vents

One of the compressor’s primary functions is to circulate cool air. If you notice warm air blowing from vents, it could signal a struggling or overheating compressor system failing to compress the refrigerant properly.

Unusual Noises During Operation

Overheating compressors can produce strange noises such as buzzing, rattling, or hissing. These sounds can indicate that the internal components are under stress or that there is a refrigerant leak, both of which can be caused by overheating.

Sudden Rise in Energy Bills

An overheating compressor has to work harder to cool your home, leading to increased energy consumption. If you notice a sudden spike in your electricity bills with no corresponding change in usage, your AC compressor is likely overheating.

Strong, Burning Odors 

A burning smell from your air conditioner is a severe sign of trouble. It could mean that the insulation on the wiring is burning due to excessive heat from the compressor, requiring immediate attention.

Reduced Cooling Efficiency

If your AC system takes longer to cool your home or isn’t reaching the desired temperature, the compressor is overheating and not functioning efficiently, leading to uneven cooling.

How To Solve Compressor Issues Yourself

While some AC compressor issues require professional attention, others can be resolved with DIY handiwork. Here’s how you can attempt to solve the problem on your own:

  • Check and clean air filters: Ensure your air filters are clean and replace them regularly to maintain proper airflow and system efficiency. 
  • Clear debris near the outdoor unit: Keep the area around the outdoor unit clean and ensure adequate clearance for proper ventilation.
  • Inspect and clean the coils: Inspect the evaporator and condenser coils for dirt and grime and clean them if necessary. 
  • Ensure proper refrigerant levels: If you suspect a refrigerant leak, it’s best to trust a professional to recharge it, as this requires specialized equipment.
  • Check for electrical issues: Inspect the electrical connections and tighten any loose wires while exercising caution. 

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While the above troubleshooting techniques can help address minor issues, it’s essential to recognize that working with AC systems can be dangerous without the appropriate knowledge, skills, and tools.

If you suspect an overheating compressor is behind your cooling troubles, trust the team at Masters Heating & Cooling to restore total functionality to your system in no time. Offering expert AC repairs throughout Northeast Indiana since 1980, we are proud to be the go-to team for fast, reliable cooling solutions.

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