Electric Vs Gas Water Heater: Which Is Best For You?
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Electric vs. Gas Water Heater: Which Is Best for Your Home?

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Water heaters are needed to attain the hot water you use daily for many tasks, so deciding on the suitable model for your specific needs is essential. While gas and electric heaters offer reliable hot water, they each pose pros and cons that homeowners must consider before purchasing one or the other. Considering the properties of each is a crucial step in the decision process. In this blog, we discuss the ins and outs of both units to help you make an informed choice.

What Are Gas Water Haters? Explained

Gas water heaters utilize a gas burner to heat water as it runs through the system, boiling and steaming it before transferring it to your drains and other plumbing appliances. These units come in traditional tank and tankless designs: A tank unit holds a given amount of water, which is then heated and stored, whereas a tankless unit heats water as needed.

Pros of gas water heaters include:

  • You can choose between traditional tank and tankless designs
  • Operational costs are often lower than electric heaters
  • Gas heaters can produce more hot water at once

Cons of gas water heaters include:

  • Gas water heaters are costlier upfront
  • Gas units have a shorter lifespan than electric units
  • Gas units aren’t as safe as electric systems

An Overview of Electric Water Heaters

As the name suggests, electric water heaters rely on electric coils found in a furnace or heat pump to heat water, and they are also available in tank and tankless models.

Pros of electric water heaters include:

  • Electric units are less expensive upfront
  • They don’t require a gas line to operate, saving time and money on installation prices
  • Electric heaters can last for more than 20 years

Pros of electric water heaters include:

  • They have a slower heating rate
  • If a power outage occurs, you can be left without hot water until it is restored
  • Electric water heaters have higher operation costs

How To Choose the Best Water Heater for Your Home

Ultimately, deciding between a gas or electric water heater for your home involves several aspects. Gas water heaters have higher upfront costs but are ideal if you require more hot water. Electric heaters are cheaper to install and are typically more energy-efficient, but they may not provide hot water as reliably as their gas counterpart. Ultimately, the choice depends on your hot water needs, space, budget, and more.

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