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Geothermal heating and cooling is a relatively stable means of keeping your home a moderate temperature all year round no matter outdoor conditions. Water Furnace and Enertech Heating and Cooling systems are a new standard in comfort that you may or may not know a great deal about.

Masters Heating and Cooling by Van Valer Inc holds the experience, certification, and wide range of knowledge to educate all customers on the latest Geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning technology that is currently on the market. Technicians are ready to install and maintain your geothermal system in a professional and timely manner. Thinking of switching to geothermal? You do not need a large residential property to have a full system installed in your home.

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Water Furnace and Enertech System

The Basics

  • The temperature within the earth, that is geothermal, remains the same all year round no matter what the season is or what the outside temperature is.
  • Harnessing the steady, even temperatures that exist underground allows your Water Furnace and Enertech System to regulate temperature with greater efficiency and far less work.

Is it Right for Your Home?

  • Geothermal system installations includes the incorporation of a fluid filled loop in an underground pipe system.
  • The loop’s fluid circulates and draws heat out of the home during the summer and brings it into the home during the cold winter months.
  • There are four different installation configurations that work with each and every home.
    • Vertical Loop – with limited space, the tubes can be planted straight down into the earth. This is a space saver approach that helps to make the installation possible in smaller areas.
    • Horizontal Loop – when there is ample space the tubes are not planted as deep and are instead planted horizontally. These are going to be planted closer to the surface of the earth and will take up more space.
    • Pond Loop – if you have a nearby water source like a lake or a pond the system is put into the lake to use the existing water source and absorb more heat. This utilizes already existing heating sources to help save you even more on both installation and on the overall cost of operating your geothermal system.
    • Open Loop – this uses an existing ground water source as the heat transfer medium into the home. This, again, is going to help save time when it comes to installation because it will utilize existing sources of heat and water.
  • Water Furnace and Enertech Systems are very quiet and efficient so you will not even know when they are running. Having a system that is quiet means you will have peace and that your home will be heated and cooled without the noise of a traditional furnace unit.


  • According to the EPA, a geothermal system is one of the most efficient ways to heat and cool your home and can give you a great deal of savings as well.
  • Water Furnace and Enertch Systems are so efficient that they can return up to $4 of heat for every $1 that you spend on electricity alone.

Federal Tax Credits

  • There are a great deal of federal tax credits out there for those homeowners that are willing and ready to transition to geothermal heating and cooling systems. There are currently rebates and tax breaks on transitioning to this type of efficient and environmentally friendly heating and cooling system.
  • You can receive up to $6,000 in tax credits and also up to 30% of your overall cost for the total installation of your geothermal system through federal tax programs. These programs will be available through 2016 making now the time to act.

The Estimate Process

Knowing a bit about the estimate process can help make the decision to call a bit easier. For starters, companies now work to get the most information from their clients possible so that they can get the system done as efficiently and quickly as possible. A team will work with you to determine what installation configuration works best for your home and your particular set up and they will continue to adjust and alter the plan as needed to help get the best installation possible. Professionalism is the name of the game and professional interactions means that you will have all your questions answered and that you will get the most thorough evaluation of your particular set up possible. There is no sales pressure to purchase and teams will work to make sure you have all the facts before you get your geothermal installation off the ground.

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