7 HVAC Tips That Will Save You Money
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7 HVAC Tips That Will Save You Money

We all cringe when it comes – the energy bill during the month of the hottest or coldest weather of the year in Indianapolis. Maybe we even followed some HVAC tips from friends or neighbors yet still, there’s the fear of the number that we’ll owe the electric company.

Smart air conditioner and heating unit owners know a couple more than just the traditional ways to avoid feeling hot, hot, hot when opening that envelope. Grab an ice cold drink or a warm blanket and read on!

1. Beat The Heat

You don’t have to know what a pit crew does or have a favorite driver to know that the Indy 500 is “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.” But you can still grab HVAC tips from those who have a need for speed.

Make it your own personal race to get prepared ahead of high energy bills by planning in advance with HVAC tips that center on timing. Just as the drivers spent their entire years prepping for the race, you can plan way before you need to use your HVAC units and end up in the winner’s circle.

Instead of waiting until January, which is often Indianapolis’ coldest month, tackle your heating and cooling needs when you don’t need them.

You’ll find installation and repair companies less busy and possibly more willing to make a deal, plus work around your schedule.

2. Lifetime HVAC Tips

No, we’re not talking about a magical air conditioning unit that you buy once and never have to replace. (Though we would be talking about it if someone invented one.)

It’s a fact of life that air conditioning and heating units need to be replaced, just like all our other appliances. The good news is that when well-cared for, air conditioning units do usually last about ten to fifteen years.

The better news is that you can actually take action to help lengthen the life of your heating or cooling units, including:

  • Performing regular checks, especially after a major weather event such as hail or thunderstorm
  • Spraying units down to remove debris, dust, grass, leaves, and animal detritus
  • Where possible, add shade above the unit with a well-placed awning or even sturdy umbrella
  • Change filters according to schedule
  • Regularly inspect the unit for kinks, knots, holes, and damage to cords and tubing.

3. Run More To Save More

It may sound extremely counter-intuitive to encourage you to run your air conditioner more but stay with us.

Ever notice that when Indianapolis experiences its “summer heat season,” it seems like it takes our air conditioners that much longer to cool down to our preferred temperatures?

That’s because most of us think we’re saving money and efficiency by waiting until it becomes too hot to bear before we crank on our units.

Actually, if you “set it and forget it,” you’ll give your unit more time to gradually come on, work, and cycle down.

So instead of letting it get too hot or cold and forcing your system to struggle at an immediate high level of output, keep an eye on the day’s temperature, remember your HVAC tips to plan ahead, set your unit, and let it do its thing over time.

4. HVAC Tips: What The Pros Know

While it’s possible to become an expert in heating and cooling, most of us just don’t have time. That’s what the pros are for!

Fortunately, we can still benefit from the HVAC tips that experts share, including everything from the best ratings for our units to the models that perform the best in our area.

There are several ways you can benefit from pro advice on HVAC information:

  • Read reviews and testimonials from the companies you’re considering
  • Talk to your neighbors, as they’re dealing with the same temperature and weather issues you are
  • Watch videos of your prospective HVAC units to give you an idea of their appearance, potential fit with your home, and noise level
  • Get active in forums, posting questions and requesting information

5. Black Out, Don’t Brown Out

When it gets extremely hot in Indianapolis, you might notice your lights and electronics flicker, and for a while, turn off.

It’s called a brown out and can be caused by temperature extremes.

One way to beat the heat is to actually go darker, sealing off your home from the inside out, using blackout curtains.

Borrow HVAC tips from suggestions the University of California gave in an article on how to sleep better. The school recommended blackout curtains for keeping out the light, but you’ll keep out way more than just light with these curtains.

They’ll block heat from entering your home through the windows and cost far less than running your HVAC unit all day. Even the cost of the lights you’ll run to illuminate your home will be far less than what you’d pay to cool it down.

6. Check Your Thermostat

No, we don’t mean eyeball it, wondering why you’re still freezing after it has been running for hours.

We mean to look at its location in your home.

Is it in a “naturally cold” spot? If so, it may be too sensitive to the rest of the home and be losing efficiency.

HVAC tips for the best thermostat placement include ensuring it is in an open, accessible space, far from a fireplace, freezer, or anywhere you often put a collection of candles or other heat sources. Don’t forget to think about sneaky heat sources such as the back of a computer or television.

Having a thermostat in a bad spot doesn’t lock you down forever. Expert HVAC repair companies can move your setup without much damage.

7. The Heat Is On

Yes, we remember the Glen Frey song, too.

But we’re talking about emergency situations where you’ve turned on or turned up your HVAC unit and are waiting, waiting, waiting to hear that click and whir. And it never comes.

Whether you need emergency service or are planning ahead, the experts await your call for help. We’ll help you beat the heat and turn a not-so-cold shoulder to chilly days.

Click here to contact us about your heating or cooling repair service or replacement needs. We can even go over your current bill, will pass along our best HVAC tips, and help you determine where you may be losing efficiency.

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