Pros & Cons Of Radiant Heating In Your Indiana Home
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Pros & Cons Of Radiant Heating

Pros & Cons of Radiant Heating In Your Indiana Home

When it comes to home heating in Indiana, homeowners have many options from which to choose. Some choices may be limited by the fuel source. For example, natural gas may not be available in your neighborhood or larger geographical area, so a natural gas furnace would be off the table. However, if you still wanted gas LP or bottled propane could be a reasonable choice. Radiant heating is another popular and economical choice for your home heating system. A radiant heating system may be run by natural gas, oil, electricity, and even wood pellets. It’s a very efficient form of home heating and provides a constant level of heating comfort. 

What Is Radiant Heat?

Radiant floor heat is a type of heating system that is located under the flooring of a structure. It can be used commercially, in homes and even under driveways to eliminate the concern for icy conditions. For now, we’re only discussing the residential application of radiant heat.

Basically, a series of plastic-type pipes called PEX are placed beneath the flooring material of the home, allowing hot water to pass through the pipes and heat the area. The system is typically divided into zones and has various controllers to maintain heat where and when it is needed. 

As was mentioned, the source of the heat for the water could be a boiler, a hot water heater or geo-thermal units. Some systems may employ a supplemental solar unit as well

What Are The Pros & Cons With Radiant Heating?

Every heating choice has both advantages and disadvantages related to the capabilities of household budgets, home layout and design and personal preferences of the homeowners. Some of the most commonly mentioned are:


  1. There is a higher upfront cost associated with radiant floor installation, but with overall savings that initial investment may be recouped.
  2. If the home presently has flooring, installation may require complete removal of what is there and reinstallation.
  3. Some flooring materials are better conductors of the heat than others, which could be a concern if radiant heat is being retrofitted into an existing space.
  4. A team of professionals will be needed for installation, HVAC, electrical and possibly plumping, depending on the heat source.


  1. The source of the heat is at the floor which is closest to where the occupants are. Feet stay warm!
  2. Since hot air rises, the room feels consistently warmer, and typically at lower temperatures.
  3. There is less heat loss to the surfaces within the structure, which is more efficient.
  4. Since radiant heat is more efficient there is a cost savings benefit.
  5. With no air being forced through ductwork, it’s very quiet.

Radiant heat is definitely a reasonable heating choice for your Indiana area home. Call Masters Heating & Cooling today to learn more about this economical, clean and efficient home heating option. 

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