7 Warning Signs You Have A Broken Air Conditioner
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7 Warning Signs You Have A Broken Air Conditioner

Is hot air blowing out of your air conditioner? You might be dealing with a broken air conditioner.

But how do you know if you can still repair it or if it’s time to scout for a new unit?

Keep in mind that the heating and air conditioning industry increases at a steady rate over the years. What this means is that the fierce condition results in cheaper yet higher quality air conditions.

This means the unit you have could be a few years old now. The time is ripe for it to show signs of wear and tear.

Here are seven warning signs it’s time for you to repair your air condition unit.

No Cold Air Coming Out

If you live in Indianapolis or its surrounding area, you’re used to having the air conditioning during the summer. It’s not hard to know the difference when it comes to the coldness your AC gives. At some point, you might find that your unit doesn’t do its job anymore, even at full blast.

If the air your AC produces isn’t cold anymore, it’s a sign that you have a broken air conditioner. It could mean that your system’s compressor failed already. Another reason behind it is that the system’s Freon levels are too low.

The Air Flow Is Poor

There are a number of issues that can reduce the airflow. It’s mainly because your fan failed in one way or another, and it can no longer push all the cool air through the ductwork. Other issues involve dirty air filters, bad blower motors, or faulty fan control board.

In case that it only happens in some parts of your homes, you aren’t looking at a broken air conditioner. Rather, there could be trouble in your home’s ductwork that needs urgent attention. This can also mean that some debris got stuck in your air conditioning vents.

Water Accumulates In Strange Places

Your air conditioning system should be dry at all times as per its design. Otherwise, mold and mildew will grow within the system or even in other places in your home. When you notice a leak, it’s a sure sign that you have a broken air conditioner, specifically a blocked or broken condensate drain.

You need to fix this problem as soon as possible because it presents serious health issues. This is especially true if you or your family members have are allergic to mold and mildew.

There Are Strange Noises In the System

All air conditioning systems should run without any loud sounds. When you hear noises louder than the ones you’re accustomed to, like metallic screeching, grinding, or banging, it means you have a broken air conditioner. It’s a sign that something went wrong inside your unit, such as:

  • Broken Components
  • Loose Belts
  • Debris buildup

When you hear these sounds, it’s best to have it checked by a professional. Doing this early could help you salvage the unit and prevent it from getting more damaged.

Otherwise, you might end up with a significant system damage that causes you to replace it instead.

Strange Smells In The Air

There are a lot of reasons why your air conditioning system has strange, pungent smells. In a normal scenario, a foul odor means that your conditioner’s wire insulation burned out. When the air it produces smells musty, it’s a sign that mold grew inside your unit or ductwork.

Another reason behind the smell is due to the death of the pest that got stuck in your system. You need to clean these up as soon as possible. If you want to make sure that everything is in order, get a professional to do it since they can cover all the possible problems.

The Unit has Thermostat Problems

Sometimes, you don’t have a broken air conditioner–you have a broken thermostat. A great way to tell if your thermostat has problems is when one part of your house is freezing cold while another part remains room temperature.

It’s one of the easiest problems to identify. So when you have this problem, you’ll know what to tell the professionals. They can fix it without too much trouble since they already know what to do.

You Have High Cooling Bills

Heating and cooling make up 48% of the average household’s energy bill in the United States. This makes it the largest energy expense in your home. A good way to know if something’s wrong with your air conditioner is to check your energy bill.

If your system worked fine last year but the energy bills spiked up, you need to get it checked by professionals. That way, you can save money while ensuring that you receive the cooling you deserve.

Maintenance Reminders

To keep yourself from having to fix a broken air conditioner for a long time, you need to perform maintenance on your system on a regular basis. It’s a costly appliance so you need to get the most out of its lifespan to get the value you paid for.

Even if you don’t need it replaced, you can always opt for repairs or services offered by professionals to extend its lifespan.

If your AC is new, check if your manufacturer’s warranty covers its repair. That way, you save more money that you can spend on other bills.

Fix Your Broken Air Conditioner Today!

Maintaining your AC unit and your ventilation system is one of the most important things you need for your home. If you experience these warning signs, it’s time to think about your options. Will the problem get fixed by repairs, or will your home need a new unit?

There are a lot of things you need to consider, but unless you have the knowledge, get an expert to do the repairs for you. Handling air conditioning units can be risky, so you need to put it in their hands to ensure safety. Once they identify the problems and fix it, you’ll find the money you spent for it worthwhile.

Do you need air conditioning? Contact us today and we’ll help you get started!

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