How Many Types Of Air Scrubbers Are There? Explained
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How Many Types Of Air Scrubbers Are There?

How Many Types Of Air Scrubbers Are There?

Sometimes it takes a wakeup call to drive home the importance of certain topics. Case in point is the subject of indoor air quality (IAQ). Masters Heating & Cooling has been preaching about how important this is in your Fort Wayne, Decatur, Angola, Indianapolis, Greenwood, or Mishawaka, IN home for years. Without a doubt our point has been driven home by the events of the last year-and-half.

No System Is Perfect

I want to be very clear: There is no absolute protection against COVID-19 and similar viruses. What I can tell you is that improving IAQ will put the odds in your favor. One tool Masters recommends is an air scrubber which removes particles and microorganisms from the air.

Trying To Keep Things Simple

Like many things, the terminology of indoor air quality can get a little confusing. You have air filters, air scrubbers, and air purifiers all designed with one goal in mind: To make the air you breathe healthier. When I write these articles, I try hard not to get bogged down in the science and technical terms, so let’s talk about the types of air scrubbers in fairly simple terms:

  • Air scrubbers go far beyond filtration. They use different processes to attack germs and other particles while they are in the air or on surfaces in the home.
  • Using ultra-violet lights is one way to kill bacteria and viruses. They are installed as part of the HVAC system to treat the air as it’s being circulated.
  • Ionizers and ozone generators produce electrically charged ions that attract particles floating in the air. As the particles clump together, they become heavier than air and are no longer able to float. NOTE: Ozone does produce some health risks. Anyone with known respiratory problems may want to stay away from products that produce ozone gas.
  • What most people care about are the numbers. Air scrubber technology eliminates up to 90% of airborne microorganisms. The number can go as high as 99% for certain types of mold and bacteria.
  • As a side benefit air scrubbers are also good at removing odors from your Fort Wayne, Decatur, Angola, Indianapolis, Greenwood, or Mishawaka, IN home.

Deals From Masters

If the pandemic has raised your level of concern about indoor air quality Masters Heating & Cooling currently has special offers to make your home healthier.:

  • Buy a qualifying Carrier air conditioner or heat pump and receive a free InfinityⓇ Air Purifier with purchase. This system captures and kills 99% of Coronavirus in its filter.
  • Masters also features the Respicare Plasma Ionizer which is a completely natural air enhancement device.

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