7 Great Benefits Of Geothermal Heating For Your Home
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7 Great Benefits Of Geothermal Heating For Your Home

Did you know that you can sustainably heat your home using the naturally stable temperature of the earth?

Since the 1940s, geothermal heating has been revolutionizing the way homes are heated. From heating the air to supplying hot water, this method is an efficient, effective way to keep your home as warm as you need it to be.

If you don’t yet have geothermal heat at home, it’s time to learn about the many benefits geothermal systems can provide. Let’s take a look at how it all works, and why this is the best choice for your house.

How Does Geothermal Heating Work?

Even if you live in an area with temperature extremes, the temperature of the earth never changes all that much below the surface.

As most people learn in grade school science class, the center of the earth is so hot that rocks melt. At its core, the earth gets as hot as 7,600 degrees Fahrenheit!

The earth has cooled off a lot since its formation, but some of that original heat remains deep inside of it. Also, heat is produced by radioactive isotopes decaying inside the planet.

In short, there’s a lot of heat on this planet. Geothermal heat pumps tap into that consistent source of heat, typically using water from below the surface of the ground, to warm up your home.

Now, let’s take a look at seven of the benefits geothermal heating has for your home.

1. Save On Energy Costs

Geothermal heating lowers your monthly energy bills, saving you money for years to come.

Because geothermal heat taps into an existing source of heat, it uses fewer resources than an air pump system that has to heat air from the outside to the correct temperature. It only takes a little bit of electricity to get geothermal heat from the earth into your house.

The initial cost of installing these systems can be intimidating to some homeowners. However, you will definitely see savings in the long term with this system. It may only take a few years for your geothermal system to pay for itself by saving you money every time you pay your energy bills.

2. Save The Environment

The lowered energy cost of geothermal heat doesn’t just save you money – it also saves the environment.

The EPA considers geothermal heat to be a renewable resource (solar energy is another example of a renewable resource – it’s a source that does not get depleted).

Traditional heat sources may use non-renewable fossil fuels, which pollute the environment, and are environmentally costly to obtain. Using a renewable resource means you don’t need to worry about the environmental cost of heating your home.

3. Quieter Than Air Source Pumps

These quiet units will heat your home without the noises that traditional heating and cooling systems often make.

You may not have noticed how disruptive the sound of your heating system as it turns on and off. However, you’ll love the peaceful feeling of a home without those noise disruptions.

4. Requires Less Maintenance

Maintaining your furnace system, as well as your hot water heater, can cost a lot over the years.

However, geothermal heat systems require much less maintenance – in fact, they hardly need any once they’re installed. As long as you regularly change the filter and occasionally check that everything is working properly, your system will stay running for years.

Your geothermal system will likely be inside of your house, so it won’t wear out due to exposure to the elements. You can expect your unit to last for about 20-25 years.

5. Get Hot Water As A Bonus

Traditionally, homes use a hot water heater and a separate air heating system, like a furnace.

However, tapping into geothermal heat means hot water may very well be more readily available for your home.

Not all geothermal heating systems use hot water, but many do tap into water from below the earth’s surface as a source of heat. If you choose this kind of system, you can easily have a combined hot water heater and air heater in one.

This allows you to get hot water pumped into your home at essentially no extra charge, saving you even more on your monthly utility bills.

6. More Comfortable Heat

With most air heating systems, your home’s temperature is maintained by occasional bursts of hot air to bring it up to temperature, followed by a cooling off period until the temperature drops low enough for another burst.

This can result in uneven heating of your home, as the temperature will fluctuate slightly depending on what point of the cycle the air is in. With a geothermal system, an even temperature can be maintained at all times and in all parts of your home. And in the summer, you can also get the added comfort of dehumidification from a geothermal system.

7. Safer For Your Home

Traditional heating systems come with risks, from the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning to flammability. Heat sources like propane and natural gasses are often flammable or can be toxic if inhaled.

With geothermal heat, you can ensure that your family and home are safe from these risks. You won’t need to worry about toxic air getting pumped into your home from outside, or from a dirty part of your home like a crawlspace. You can also avoid unpleasant odors that gas heat systems sometimes have.

Ready For Geothermal Heating?

The benefits of geothermal heat far outweigh any drawbacks. In fact, aside from the initial cost of installation, there really aren’t any drawbacks at all.

The initial cost becomes much less of a concern when you consider the fact that these systems can pay for themselves in a matter of years by letting you save on home energy bills.

A good installation service will also give you a free estimate, so you can plan ahead for any installation costs, knowing that they will quickly be made up for by your energy bill savings. There are a few different kinds of systems, so you can decide which one is best for your home.

Ready to get a free estimate today? Call us to learn more with no obligations whatsoever.

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