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Can You Install An Outside AC Unit In The Rain?

Can You Install An Outside AC Unit In The Rain?

Do you know why local TV stations invest huge sums of money for the latest in weather radar technology? Then even more dollars promoting their teams of on-air meteorologists? It’s because weather is a big reason why people watch local news. When you stop and think about it that’s not surprising. To one degree or another everyone’s life in Fort Wayne, Decatur, Angola, Indianapolis, Greenwood, and Mishawaka, IN is affected by weather. That’s no different for Masters Heating & Cooling.

Rain Can Delay Installations

Case in point is installing an outside AC. If we schedule your installation for a week from now and when that day approaches the forecast calls for rain, we may have to change our plans. Right now, some of you may be saying, “But that doesn’t make any sense because the air conditioner is going to get rained on all the time.” Your logic is absolutely correct, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. While it’s not impossible to install an air conditioner when it’s raining, it’s certainly not an ideal situation.

Rain Causes Other Problems

Rain will not hurt an air conditioner, but installing an outside AC also involves electrical work and rain and electricity don’t mix. The danger increases if there is lightning present. Moisture is also bad if it gets into the refrigerant line. Water can combine with the refrigerant to form an acid that can damage the system. Additionally, an installation means our Masters technicians must work inside the home as well as outside. During the process they will make every attempt to keep your house clean, but that gets much more difficult if we are dealing with rain and mud outside.

Service Calls Can Also Be Delayed

The same holds true for many service calls. When a technician is servicing your air conditioner, he or she may have to expose components that are normally sealed. In that situation the rain can damage your outside AC. If the rain is intermittent or very light it may not be a factor, but if it’s raining heavily on the day your maintenance visit is scheduled, we may have to postpone and make a new appointment.

Never Any Weather Guarantees

Of course, the problem is that even with all those dollars invested by TV stations, weather forecasting is not an exact science. That can lead to unexpected schedule changes for our Masters Heating & Cooling technicians. Rest assured that when that happens every effort will be made to get the installation or service call at your Fort Wayne, Decatur, Angola, Indianapolis, Greenwood, or Mishawaka, IN home taken care of as soon as possible. For more great information, be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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