The Dangers Of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Furnace Maintenance
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The Dangers Of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Furnace Repair

The Dangers of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Furnace Repair

Masters Heating & Cooling, Inc., has a lot of respect and admiration for you folks out there who are Do-It-Yourselfers. There is no better feeling than tackling a home improvement or repair project and getting the job done. Plus, there is no doubt that most of the time you are saving a bit of money by doing it yourself. But it is always good to remember that some repairs should be handled by licensed professionals. This is certainly true of furnace repairs. In fact, other than changing the filter or maybe lighting the pilot light, furnace repairs and maintenance can get complicated. Done improperly, furnace maintenance could result in damage to the equipment or even dangerous health risks.

Furnace Maintenance

Maintenance of your heating system is crucial, especially during this time of the year, when it is working hard to keep your home warm and comfortable for your family. Regular maintenance will keep your furnace operating efficiently and safely. The following are some maintenance tips you can do yourself, as well as what can happen if you attempt to perform maintenance that should be handled by professionals:

Go Ahead And DIY

  • Change air filters 
  • Inspect the burner flames
  • Clean out burner and blower compartments
  • Repair or change batteries in thermostat
  • Seal leaky air ducts
  • Clean flame sensor

Why You Shouldn’t DIY

Fire Risk

No matter what type of heat system is operating in your home, there is potential for a fire hazard. No one but trained and licensed professionals should attempt to repair electrical wiring or gas lines. If you do smell gas, evacuate the home immediately and call your utility company and local fire department.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning

CO is an odorless, colorless gas that is produced whenever fossil fuels are not combusted completely. Faulty furnaces are the main cause of dangerous CO levels, which can cause death in extreme cases. Call a professional if you suspect high CO levels and let them inspect burners and heat exchangers to make sure they are operating correctly. And don’t forget to install CO detectors on every level of your home and especially in or near bedrooms and other high-traffic areas.

Damage To Your Equipment

Your furnace was designed to fit your system, calibrated by an expert, and installed to be leak-tight with your corresponding ductwork. One little tweak or adjustment to a furnace could become unfortunate down the road if not done properly.

Call Masters today to schedule furnace maintenance in the Fort Wayne, Decatur, Angola, Indianapolis, Greenwood and Mishawaka, IN communities and learn about our Energy Savings Agreement (ESA). ESA is our maintenance program and membership includes annual furnace and air conditioner tune-ups, priority service and discounts on parts and labor. 

And if you are in the market for a new furnace installation, our professionals can also tell you all about the new federal mandate put into effect July 3. The Department of Energy mandate requires all manufacturers of new furnaces to equip the unit with an electronically commutated low-wattage motor (ECM). The DOE predicts that the new ECM fan will greatly improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon pollution. 

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