3 Easy Steps to Reset Your Furnace

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3 Easy Steps to Reset Your Furnace

3 Easy Steps to Reset Your Furnace

Masters Heating & Cooling has been going the distance for our customers since 1980. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied, every time! Because you are our priority, we try to offer helpful tips to keep your home comfort systems up and running all year long. When you need extra help, Masters is only a phone call away Whether it’s a furnace repair or replacement, or something as easy as how to reset your furnace, Masters can help!


During the winter months, no one wants to be without heat. There may be a situation, such as the furnace is too hot, where you need to perform a furnace reset. This allows the furnace to stop and restart, preventing a popped circuit breaker or a more serious outcome.

If your system runs out of fuel, the reset button may trip. Check your fuel tank. If empty, have it refilled before attempting to reset the furnace.

Other issues could be a closed gas valve connection to the furnace, which you may be able to open on your own, or possibly a flame sensor problem. Contact Masters to inspect and repair the problem quickly and efficiently.


The furnace reset process may differ a bit depending on the type of furnace you have. 

  1. Locate the furnace power switch near the furnace and turn it off. If there’s no switch, turn off the main circuit breaker to the furnace.
  2. Wait for about 10 seconds.
  3. Turn the switch or breaker back on and check to see if the furnace is running properly. 

Any situation that requires a furnace reset should probably be investigated by a professionally trained technician to ensure there isn’t a serious issue with the furnace. Regular furnace maintenance helps by catching broken or malfunctioning parts. The technician can then perform the appropriate furnace repair before a major, more expensive problem occurs.

If your furnace seems to need a reset often, contact Masters today. A technician can inspect your furnace to determine if a repair is necessary or a furnace replacement is a better choice for you. 

 Call Masters Heating & Cooling today to learn more about our Energy Savings Agreement to keep your furnace clean and running at its best.