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Masters Heating and Cooling by Van Valer has been providing expert service on your heating and cooling systems in the Indianapolis area for decades. We have an extremely fast response time due to our 5 convenient locations to better serve our Indiana customers.

Heating Furnace Clean & Safety Check  (Be ready for winter! Call for $49 Special)

One of the best gifts you can give your family is to have a heating safety check in the fall before your first use of your heating system. Keeping your family safe is a priority of ours. It’s best to have your heating system scrutinized by a professional to make certain that it is completely safe for your home.

Fuel burning furnaces and boilers can leak harmful carbon monoxide fumes into your home and potentially make your entire family very ill. This type of poisoning is more common in infants, people with heart disease or breathing problems and the elderly members in a home. Having our professional technicians check your system before you use it, can prevent this type of danger to your family.

Avoid Expensive Heating System Repairs

A fall furnace tune up includes our fully certified technicians inspecting your heating system for any parts that need attention through cleaning or are about to fail. Replacing parts before they fail in the fall, helps you avoid a furnace failure during the cold months of winter. You won’t be without adequate heat in your home unexpectedly if the tune up requires some minor service on your unit before the frigid weather and wind sets in.

Many homeowners think it’s okay to skip this yearly inspection, then find themselves without heat and needing parts. The worst case is when you have company arrive from out of town for the holidays and the heat isn’t working. Furnace manufacturers suggest an annual checkup on all heating units. We want to save you from this condition in the winter and help you to stay warm the entire season long.

Fall Checkups and Inspections Save Money

A fall checkup and inspection of your heating system ensures that it is functioning safely and also efficiently. The efficiency helps to save you valuable funds that you spend on heating fuel, such as gas and electricity. According to Energy Star, approximately 50% of all the electricity and gas cost are used by your heating system. If your heater, heat pump or dual fuel heater is operating efficiently, it can greatly lower your heating costs in winter. When we perform a fall checkup, we do maintenance and cleaning on your system to save you money throughout the winter. We also tell you what items you can do yourself for maintenance, such as replacing furnace filters monthly, to keep it operating efficiently.

What is checked in a Fall Inspection for a Furnace?

All components of a heating system are checked by our talented technicians to ensure it is working properly and safely. Some of the items include checking the air vents to make certain none are blocked by anything or leaking. A furnace is a closed system, so all connections and the outside termination are inspected to ensure all the warm air goes into your house. The blower access door is examined to make certain it shuts tight on the furnace. The air intake grills are checked for leaks and blockages. Your heat exchanger is inspected to ensure it is not rusted or corroded. The gas burners are inspected to make certain that they light, ignite, the flame is the proper height and color and the flame sensor is working. Drainage systems need to be examined to make certain they are free of debris or blockages. The blower wheel is examined and cleaned as well as the motor is tested. All wiring is checked for damages or breaks and we make certain that no gas is leaking into your home.

Heating Contractor Services

Our expert technicians can add a heat pump to your indoor heating system for a warmer home in the winter and it also helps to keep your home cooler in the summer, all while promoting efficiency in energy savings.

Masters Heating and Cooling by Van Valer is your one stop shop for all of your heating and cooling needs. We are a Carrier comfort specialist, have the highest standards of quality and are partners with 8 leading associations including NATE certified service technicians, Quality Assured Profession Energy Star and the National Association of home builders.

Contact us for an annual heating inspection and you can see for yourself why were are simply the best in the business in your area. Our great customers prove this fact. After one call, they all become lifelong customers.