Zoning - Get Rid Of Hot Spots In Your Indiana Home
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How Zoning Can Help Get Rid of Hot Spots In Your Indiana Home

Zoning - Get Rid of Hot Spots In Your Indiana Home

When it’s hot and humid during an Indianapolis, Indiana summer, no one wants to deal with areas of their home that are not cooling down. These areas are known as hot spots. Inconsistent cooling makes you uncomfortable and wastes energy, causing an increase in your utility bills. If you have rooms that aren’t cool enough for your tastes, Masters Heating & Cooling has a solution to get rid of hot spots in your home. 

Hot spots occur when there is an imbalance in the distribution of air throughout your home. This can be caused by several factors, such as poor insulation, air leaks or inadequate ductwork. Zoning addresses these issues by providing a targeted solution that directs the airflow where it is needed most.

To implement zoning in your home, you will need to install a zoned system that includes dampers, thermostats and a central control panel. The dampers are installed in the ductwork and act as a valve that can be opened or closed to control the flow of air to each zone. The thermostats are placed in each zone, and the central control panel communicates with each thermostat to adjust the temperature accordingly.

Once the zoning system is in place, you can set the temperature for each zone individually. This allows you to adjust the temperature in the areas where you spend the most time, such as the living room or bedroom, without affecting the rest of the house. You can also adjust the temperature in unoccupied areas to conserve energy and save on heating and cooling costs.

Masters Heating & Cooling employs highly skilled HVAC Comfort Specialists and technicians. Once the Comfort Specialist has evaluated your current home situation to determine the specific solution for your hot spot issue, you can choose the option that best suits your needs and budget. When it’s time to install your new zoned system, you can have peace of mind knowing your installation will be done efficiently, as quickly as possible, and according to HVAC industry standards.

Masters has been going the distance for the Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, Indiana areas since 1980. We have the expertise to get rid of hot spots in your home or to address any other home comfort concerns you may have.

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