Maintenance Tips To Avoid Emergency AC Repair
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5 Maintenance Tips To Help Avoid Emergency AC Repair

You don’t want to be one of those people with a broken down AC unit in the middle of summer. Emergency air conditioning repairs can cost more than $500 on average, with certain parts costing double that.

Instead, avoid the high costs and discomfort associated with emergency AC repairs with these five simple maintenance tips.

1. Routinely Change Filters And Clean Air Ducts

Efficient and healthy air conditioning relies on consistent air flow. This is why it is vital to routinely change your air filters and clean your air ducts.

Filters trap debris and dust from getting into the air you breath. Over time, they fill up with dirt and start to block air getting through the vent.

Blockage means your AC has to work harder and can lead to overheating and breakdowns. It will also increase your energy costs and can lead to allergies and illness.

You can find air filters at any local hardware store and easily replace them yourself.

The same concerns go for air ducts. Dirt, molds, and debris can block airflow in the ducts and lead to common AC issues.

Schedule a professional to come by and clean out your air duct every two to three years. This will save you on repair costs and keep your air clean.

2. Seal Air Ducts And Drafts

Sealing air ducts is one of the best ways to keep your AC efficient. It will make sure air is not lost in the air duct system. It will not only lower your energy bill but will prevent maintenance problems and emergency AC repair.

Seal drafts around windows, doors, and where building materials come together such as chimney frames, outlets, and wiring areas. This will reduce air from flowing in and out of the house and lead to more efficient AC. Your AC will not have to work as hard if the air isn’t escaping outside or fighting heat from coming in.

One thing to keep in mind is to never close off vents. Some may think this is a good idea to keep airflow limited to certain rooms. However, closing vents can shut the AC unit completely off or even freeze AC coils.

3. Routinely Wash And Protect AC Unit

Your AC unit sits outside the home which means it can get dirty or become obstructed easily.

AC units need consistent air flow. If leaves and plants get on or in the condenser, this could lead to reduced efficiency, build up of debris, and blockage.

The first step to protecting your unit is to keep it away from plants, trees, and trellises. The general rule is to allow three feet of space around the outdoor air conditioner and any landscaping.

The second step to protecting your outdoor unit is to routinely clean it and the space around it.

Cleaning the unit itself is important. As it takes in the air it also takes in pollen, dust, and debris. If the unit gets dirty, it has to work harder. Putting off cleaning your outdoor AC unit can lead it to overheat and stop working completely.

You can purchase a cleaning device spray or use a water hose to spray off the AC. You can also hire someone to come clean the unit on a regular basis.

Make sure to rake up leaves and debris from the unit and trim nearby bushes, trees, and plants on a regular basis, too.

4. Routine Professional Inspections And Tune-ups

It is important to hire a professional to inspect and clean your entire AC system each year before the hot season hits. Professionals will be able to catch any signs of issues that the common eye can miss.

They will inspect and clean parts of the system that need professional training such as the control box, coils, fan motors, compressors, blades, and tubes. They also clean and check the levels of refrigerant and add more if needed.

A professional can make sure your AC is doing the best that it can and advise you on energy savings or necessary repairs/replacements.

Preventive maintenance for your air conditioning is vital to maintaining a healthy system and preventing problems. The benefits of routine check-ups will always outweigh the cost of an emergency AC repair.

5. Program Your Thermostat

If you need to, upgrading your thermostat can save you a lot of money on your energy cost as well as prevent expensive repairs and replacements.

Programmable thermostats today have many features that make an AC system more efficient and longer-lasting. You can set the thermostat to change temperatures based on the time of day or day of the week.

Some have a zoning feature that lets you set different temperatures in different rooms. This is perfect for those of you who have rooms in your home you use less often than others. It also eliminates the arguments over the thermostat for good, as different members of your household can have their rooms at the temperatures they prefer.

Newer thermostats can also monitor when you’re home and alter the temperature accordingly. This means your unit can kick on right before you get home so you can save energy during the day when you’re away.

Basically, by programming your thermostat you keep from having to turn your AC unit off and work twice as hard to get your house to a comfortable temperature. It also eliminates wasted energy when you’re not home.

Each of these methods will help prevent an expensive emergency AC repair from overwork.

Avoid An Emergency AC Repair

Whether you’re looking for professional HVAC services for your annual inspection and tune-up or you are facing an emergency AC repair need, Masters can help.

We are available 24 hours a day and provide free estimates, second opinions, and fast services. We also don’t charge extra for emergencies like most AC companies.

Take a look at our AC services from tune-ups to installations.

We know that emergencies can be expensive and are hard to prepare for. That is why we also offer our customers financing options if needed.

Contact us today to schedule your next air conditioning service appointment.

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