Why You Need A Pro For Heat Pump Installation
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Why You Need A Pro For Heat Pump Installation

According to 2018 averages, it costs between $3,997 and $6,881 to have a heat pump installed. While this varies based on the size of your home, and the type of heat pump, it still represents quite an investment.

A single wrong move can result in you having to pay thousands of more dollars. As a result, there’s no room for taking chances during the installation process.

While you may consider yourself a do-it-yourself pro, when it comes to heat pump installation, the best option is to hire the professionals.

Not convinced you should call the pros?

Learn about some of the benefits offered by doing so. When you are informed, you can see why a DIY installation may not be the best move.

Licensing And Insurance

There are several built-in-benefits when you hire a professional for heat pump installation. Licensed professionals will come with proper insurance and will know what permits and licenses are required to begin the work.

Licensing is an extremely important safeguard against possible accidents. Without licensing, an injury to the worker, or even accidental damage to your home can cost you quite a bit of money. This includes home repair, reconstruction and medical bills.

Licensing also helps to indemnify you against any fines or fees associated with improper documentation or permits that an unlicensed professional will omit in an effort to save money.

Professionals will also have extensive experience installing heat pumps and know what is right for your home.

Proper Sizing For The Heat Pump

The size of the equipment is extremely important when it comes to heat pump installation. If the wrong size is installed, it and lead to an inefficient system.

In the long run, the system will have to work harder, costing you more money and shortening the lifespan of the unit.

While you may think that “bigger is better” regarding heat pumps, this isn’t always the case. Oversized equipment will have its faults.

Systems that are too big for your home will cycle on and off frequently, causing additional wear and tear, and impact the comfort of your home.

A professional will have the training necessary to measure your home and calculate a system that is the perfect size for the amount of space you have.

Safety Concerns During Heat Pump Installation

When installing a heat pump, you will have to deal with highly pressurized pipes, combustible fuel and extreme heat. A single mistake can have huge consequences.

If you attempt to install the heat pump on your own, and miss a single step, or make a small mistake, it can lead to gas leaks, or something worse.

Professionals understand what to do and have been trained to ensure the entire heat pump installation process is done properly and safely.

The professionals will have the training, experience and knowledge necessary to handle any installation job without making mistakes. After all, it is their job to keep you from having to handle this dangerous and technical task on your own.

Performance Concerns

If your heat pump isn’t installed properly, then you may have numerous performance issues down the road. With a professional, you can feel confident that the system will be operating efficiently.

In the long run, a heat pump that operates efficiently will lower the operational costs, as well as your utility bill. Also, as long as you continue to maintain the system over time, it will continue to work at optimum levels of efficiency.

In addition to making sure that your heat pump has been installed properly, a professional will be able to provide advice regarding what system is right for your living conditions.

This will ensure you get the right size unit (discussed earlier), as well as one that fits your budget.

System Compliance

When you install a new heat pump or upgrade your existing system, it will have to comply with the local and state codes in place. If you attempt a DIY heat pump installation, then you may unknowingly violate these laws.

A qualified professional will have the necessary knowledge and ensure they comply with all set regulations in the area. In addition to ensuring that you are satisfied with the work done, the professional will also follow ordinances in place to avoid any possible legal ramifications.

Proper Duct Sealing

Your newly installed heat pump is going to utilize the ducts in your home. If these ducts aren’t properly sealed, then the new unit may not operate as efficiently as it should.

The professionals will have the materials and the know-how to ensure that your duct system is properly sealed and able to operate efficiently.

Ducts are a crucial part of this system. They are responsible for circulating the air from the heat pump and making sure it is moved throughout your home, to keep the temperature comfortable.

If the ductwork isn’t properly sealed, then it may cause hot or cold air to leak and result in the heat pump having to work harder. This can be an expensive issue and one that increases your utility bill significantly.

Another issue with improperly sealed ducts is that debris can get into the system, resulting in poor air quality.

Hire The Pros For An Efficient Heat Pump

If you want to ensure the investment you make in a new heat pump is worthwhile, then hire the professionals to handle the installation process.

Heat pump installation isn’t overly complicated, but there are certain nuances that only the pros will be aware of. Keep in mind, not all professional services are the same, so taking the time to find the right one for the job is important.

Ready to get started with heat pump installation? Contact our team today to set up an installation appointment.

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