Radiant Heating Vs. Baseboard Heating
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Is Radiant Heating Better Than Baseboard Heating?

Radiant Heating Vs. Baseboard Heating

When it comes to heating your Angola, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne or Decatur, Indiana area home, there are many heating options from which to choose. The layout and design of your home is certainly an important factor. Household finances also must be considered, or maybe for you, it merely comes down to personal preference.

Two popular heating choices are radiant heat or baseboard heat. There are circumstances that make either one a good option. Let’s consider what both are and some pros and cons of each to help you understand their differences and whether one or the other is the best choice for your needs.

Radiant Heating: What It Is, How It Works & Is It A Good Choice?

Radiant heat can use a boiler to heat water that runs through a series of pipes that are run under the flooring of your home. It can also be achieved by using a heat mat in the sub-floor that has heated electric cables running through it.

Whichever heat source is used, radiant heating is best installed in new builds but can also be retrofitted into an existing space if desired, under specific conditions.

If a hot water boiler is used, heated water radiates through pipes in the floor to the objects in the room, heating them as well. The overall indoor environment feels warmer and for longer periods of time, making radiant heating an efficient heat source. The process is similar with the heat mat, but the coils in the mat are heated with electricity rather than water.

Radiant heat allows for less hot or cold spots, so you feel more comfortable. Since air isn’t blowing around, dust and airborne allergens are minimized, making the indoor air healthier.

One disadvantage is the upfront costs associated with the added labor of the pipe or matting installation. Since water takes longer to heat, it may seem like it takes longer to achieve the level of comfort desired.

Regarding electric matting, bear in mind that electricity is typically more expensive than other energy sources, so the operating costs will be higher overall than hot water heat with a gas- or oil-fired boiler.

What About Baseboard Heat? Is It A Better Choice?

Baseboard heat can be sourced with either electric or hot water and is usually distributed via radiators attached to the baseboards at floor level. While the efficiency is not terrible it’s also not as great as other choices. Electric baseboard heat costs more to operate and cannot sustain the feeling of warmth throughout the space like radiant floor heat will do.

Whatever factors weigh in on your home heating choice, Masters Heating & Cooling has the products, knowledge and expertise to help you make an informed decision that works best for you. We employ highly skilled technicians to ensure the heat source you choose, radiant heating or baseboard heating, will be installed professionally and efficiently.

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