8 Common Air Conditioner Problems Homeowners Face
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8 Common Air Conditioner Problems Homeowners Face

Summer will be approaching soon and that means it’s about to get hot outside.

And, when it’s hot outside, there’s nothing better than stepping into a nice cool house after a long day.

But what if something is wrong with your air conditioner?

Dealing with air conditioner problems can be a real headache if you don’t know what you’re up against.

Hopefully, you’ve had routine maintenance performed on your unit to help prevent problems so it might not be such a big deal. But if you haven’t had your A/C unit serviced and you’re having problems, it’s probably time to call a technician.

There are plenty of problems that homeowners face when it comes to air conditioning units. In this article, we’re discussing eight common air conditioner problems so you can troubleshoot issues before they become bigger problems. Keep reading to learn more.

Air Conditioner Problems Due To A Dirty Filter

Clogged filters restrict airflow through your air conditioning unit which will decrease its efficiency and reduce its ability to effectively cool the air.

Cleaning your filters or changing them monthly is recommended, especially if you have pets in the house. You can find the correct filter by bringing the old one with you to the home improvement store.

Making sure your filters are clean and free of debris will keep your air conditioner problems at bay. Don’t risk issues down the road by neglecting this simple task.

Leaking Air

Some people use window units in select parts of the country.

With window units, seals can break or become worn easily in the outdoor elements throughout the year. This may cause warm air from the outside to be leaking into your home which also causes your air conditioning unit to work harder and longer.

You can easily prevent this issue by applying weather stripping around your unit. Ensure that it sits in the window properly and if there are any ways air could be getting in, make sure to seal those, too.


One of the more common air conditioner problems lies in the thermostat.

The thermostat regulates the temperature in your home.

But, if there are lamps, TVs or appliances near the thermostat, this can cause it to register incorrectly. Appliances give off heat and placing one near your thermostat is almost sure to cause it to malfunction.

Move appliances and heat sources away from your thermostat to prevent your air conditioner from running longer and harder than it really needs to.

Dirty Registers

Dirty registers can cause your air conditioner to run more than necessary because the air is forced through dust and debris.

If you have a forced air heating and cooling unit, regularly vacuuming the registers to remove dust and buildup is a number one troubleshooting technique to try before calling the technician.

Also, make sure that large objects like furniture and/or curtains or drapes are not blocking the airflow through your registers.

Dirty registers are one of the most common air conditioner problems that can easily be resolved in just a few minutes. Don’t call the technician quite yet.

Thermostat Settings

Programmable thermostats make life a little easier by regulating the temperature according to your preferred settings.

Make sure to program your thermostat for a comfortable temperature when you’re planning to be home. If you’re not home, you should set it a little higher to save money on your energy bill, not to mention help the environment.

Window units are little more difficult to regulate so you’ll have to play with the settings depending on the size of the space you’re trying to cool.

If you think you’re experiencing an issue with your air conditioner, check the thermostat first. It’s an easier fix if something is wrong.

Sun/Outside Temperature

On super hot days, air conditioners are forced to work harder.

This is especially true for window units that may be exposed to direct sunlight. But, central air conditioning systems are susceptible to this problem as well.

Remember those warm appliances that heat up your thermostat?

The same can be true of the sun coming in through an open window. Make sure to keep your shades or curtains drawn during the sunniest and warmest parts of the day to prevent your thermostat from registering incorrectly.

Outdoor Compressor

The compressor is located on the outdoor portion of your unit and it requires adequate airflow to work correctly.

Another set of air conditioner problems can arise if you have plants or trees too close to the air conditioning unit outside. Make sure to keep at least 2 to 3 feet of clearance between the unit and any outdoor plants.

You should also keep trees trimmed at least five feet above the top of the unit.

Condenser Coils

Likewise, condenser coils are also located on the outside unit and they can become dirty from the elements. It’s important to keep the coils clean all year long to prevent them from malfunctioning during the summer months.

You can clean them with a hose but if they get too dirty you should probably call an HVAC technician to clean them with a chemical cleaner.

Air Conditioner Problems

Air conditioner problems always seem to arise during the hottest days of summer.

Don’t allow your air conditioner to fail by following these guidelines and performing proper maintenance. You don’t want to be sweating in your own house just because you didn’t take care of problems before they manifested into something bigger.

Most air conditioning units are built to last anywhere from 15 to 25 years.

That’s a long time in the big scheme of things so it’s important to take damages and other problems into account throughout the life of the unit. There are other problems that you may run into like refrigerant leaks and inoperable breakers or fuses.

The best thing you can do to keep your air conditioner in working order is to have it serviced yearly to prevent issues from cropping up.

If you’re in search of A/C maintenance or it’s time for a new unit, contact us.

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