7 Facts About Ductless Heating And Cooling Equipment
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7 Facts About Ductless Heating And Cooling Equipment

If you’re looking for a new way to heat and cool your home, you might be feeling overwhelmed by choice.

What will be cheapest? Which system will work best?

Before you settle for a traditional AC unit, it’s well worth looking at ductless heating and cooling equipment. Unlike traditional units, ductless systems can help you to save energy, give you more control over the temperature in different areas of your house, and improve your air quality.

They’re also better for the environment and operate more quietly.

Keep reading for seven key facts about ductless equipment – some of the benefits might surprise you!

1. They’re Highly Energy Efficient

When you install a traditional heating and cooling system, a large percentage of energy is lost via ductwork – not good. With a ductless unit, this problem is eliminated, resulting in a system which is much more energy efficient.

Imagine saving on all the energy that’s lost via your ducts every single day – it adds up fast.

Ductless heating systems also use inverter-driven compressors, which slow down and speed up according to your needs, rather than stopping and starting like standard AC compressors.

This saves even more energy, as you avoid the intensive start-up process.

Care about saving energy? You need ductless heating.

2. They Can Help You Save Money

Greater energy efficiency means lower heating and cooling bills for you, but that isn’t the only way that ductless systems help you to save money.

In many areas, you’ll be eligible for tax credits and utility rebates when you install a ductless system. That means that you’re helping the environment and saving yourself some dollars – it’s a win-win.

The fact that ductless systems allow you to heat and cool different rooms according to your needs also help you save, as you won’t need to heat or cool empty rooms. Keep reading for more details on this key benefit.

3. They Allow Different Temperature Zones

How often do you argue with your family over the AC or heating settings?

Is your wife freezing while your teenage son complains that his room is like an oven?

One of the major benefits of ductless heating and cooling systems is their ability to heat and cool different rooms to different temperatures, so everyone can feel comfortable.

Your home will be divided into different zones, and each can be heated differently. You could choose one zone for each room, one for upstairs and one for downstairs, or one for the garage and one for the main house.

The flexibility means that you can achieve the perfect temperature in every area of your home, without wasting any cash on heating or cooling unused spaces.

4. They’re Quieter Than Traditional Systems

Sick of hearing whirring, banging or humming coming from your AC unit?

It might be time to consider a ductless system.

Since there are no ducts, there’s no annoying background noise while you’re trying to sleep or concentrate. On top of that, the fact that the system stays on means you won’t have to listen to the unpleasant clanging of an AC unit starting up.

Many ductless systems are designed specifically with noise reduction in mind, with dampeners to reduce vibration and insulation around certain parts.

If you enjoy peace and quiet, you’ll love ductless heating.

5. They’ll Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Do you suffer from asthma, allergies, or other breathing problems?

These conditions can be worsened by traditional AC units, which are susceptible to dust build-up, damp, mold, and mildew, which is then pumped into the environment.

Ductless systems, on the other hand, offer multi-stage filtration which dramatically reduces the number of irritants in the air. This should reduce allergy symptoms and make breathing more comfortable.

You won’t have to worry about having the ducts cleaned professionally – instead, you can simply clean the filter inside your unit with soap and water. This saves you money and hassle, and allows you to clean as often as you want to.

6. They’re Easy And Convenient To Install

Unlike traditional AC systems which can take weeks of building work to install correctly, ductless heating and cooling equipment is quick and easy to set up.

Rather than needing space for large ducts, your system will run using pipes so small that they only require a 3-inch hole to be made in your walls.

The more rooms you want to be included in your split-system, the longer it will take to install, but it will still be nothing compared to the inconvenience and cost of a traditional system.

If you’re looking to add heating and cooling equipment to an extension you’ve recently had built, contractors can look for discreet spaces to install pipes, so they won’t create unsightly holes that need to be covered up.

7. They Help Reduce Your Environmental Impact

We’ve already talked about how energy efficient ductless systems are, but that’s not the only way they help the environment.

Advances in chemistry mean that ductless systems use a modern refrigerant called R410A. Unlike older refrigerants, R410A has zero ozone depletion potential, which means it won’t contribute to destroying the ozone layer.

If you’re installing a brand new system anyway, it makes sense to go for one that doesn’t hurt the environment.

And if you’re very environmentally-conscious, it’s worth looking at a installing a ductless system even if you don’t need any of the other features.

When Should You Choose Ductless Heating Equipment?

Ductless heating equipment is a cut above traditional AC units for so many reasons.

It allows you to create different zones around your home to achieve the perfect temperature, meaning there won’t be any more arguments, and you’ll no longer waste cash heating empty rooms.

You’ll save energy, which means lower bills and less damage to the environment.

Finally, ductless heating systems are extremely quick and easy to install, so your life won’t be disrupted while you wait for an old-fashioned AC system to be put in.

Want to learn more about the best heating and cooling equipment for your home? Check out our blog for loads of insider knowledge.

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