Knowing The Different Types Of Thermostats - Home Must Knows
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Knowing The Different Types Of Thermostats – Home Must Knows

Knowing the Different Types of Thermostats - Home Must Knows

Today’s homeowners have choices when selecting the best thermostat for their homes, especially when a thermostat replacement is in need. Should you have a programmable thermostat? A manual thermostat? Or should you get a Smart/WiFi thermostat? In reality, with the use of zoned HVAC systems, where designated areas are climate controlled separately from one another, or the increasing popularity of the ductless mini split system, many homes likely have multiple thermostats. 

What Is A Thermostat?

At the basic level, a thermostat turns any cooling or heating system off and on as needed. It senses the air temperature in the room and knows when your system needs to be turned and for how long to reach the indoor temperature the user has selected. In a nutshell, a thermostat is a device that is used to maintain the desired indoor temperature in any area. 

Do You Need A Thermostat Replacement?

It’s doubtful if the average homeowner ever considers replacing their thermostat as a matter of course. But, like your home’s HVAC system, thermostats wear out or become outdated. The average lifespan for a thermostat is about 10 years. Technology has changed a lot and the newer more advanced thermostats available can help save you money in overall energy costs. If your thermostat is older than 10 years, you’ve noticed a difference in the temperature vs. the setting on the thermostat or a failure of your thermostat to maintain the desired settings, you should probably consider a thermostat replacement.

What Options Do You Have For A Thermostat Replacement?

When it comes to thermostats, you have several cost-saving options. Some are more expensive to purchase than others, but the cost savings in utility expenditures may offset the initial financial investment. The bottom line is, the choice depends on your overall need and the budget you have available. Here are the most common choices for home thermostats:

  • Manual Thermostat:

PROs: Least expensive & straightforward operation.

CONs: No connectivity for remote temperature control or programming & requires the need to constantly change the settings for desired temperatures.

  • Smart/WiFi Thermostat:

PROs: Allows homeowners to control room temperature remotely with a smartphone app, which could save on monthly expenses. Availability of multiple features, which could be more or less than what you want. Do your research or let the experts at Masters Heating & Cooling help .

CONs: May have unneeded extra features & Wi-Fi connectivity is necessary for operation.

  • Programmable Thermostat:

PROs: Homeowners can set the temperature according to occupancy, including vacation mode with some models. Energy costs can be reduced when system use is limited to only when needed.

CONs: Upfront cost can be high. Setup may be more difficult. 

Contact Masters Heating & Cooling For Your Thermostat Replacement

Choosing a thermostat replacement needn’t be overwhelming. The trained professionals at Masters Heating & Cooling will assess your current system and provide the information you need to decide which is best for your home environment, whether it’s a programmable thermostat, one that is manual or a smart/WiFi thermostat. Call one of our courteous and knowledgeable staff and schedule an appointment today

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