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Who Is The Best Gas Furnace Manufacturer?

Who Is The Best Gas Furnace Manufacturer?

Most HVAC professionals will agree that gas furnaces are the most common they install and service. And the reason why can be explained in two words: energy efficiency. Natural gas is significantly cheaper than electricity or even heating oil. Masters Heating & Cooling is a proud Factory Authorized Dealer of Carrier equipment, but there are other manufacturers that produce high-end furnaces and heating systems, too. This blog aims to help our customers choose the appropriate gas furnace for their home and their budget.

Gas Furnace

The pros of a gas furnace are many, including lower purchase/installation cost and more powerful heat produced faster. But the main advantages are related to energy cost and efficiency. Natural gas is simply less expensive – nearly by half – than electricity. That in and of itself is significant, but what makes gas furnaces even more attractive is their efficiency. This is measured by a furnace’s Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). This is comparable to miles per gallon when talking about cars and it measures how efficiently a furnace converts the energy it consumes into warm air for your home. The standard AFUE rating for furnaces is around 80 percent. But when talking about gas, that rating can jump as high as 97 percent. This means that very little of the natural gas the furnace requires is being wasted.

Of course, all of the major manufacturers are vying with one another to see who can improve on the energy efficiency of a gas furnace even further. Here are some of the recent technological improvements regarding gas furnaces:

  • Variable speed blowers. Additional airflow settings enhance efficiency
  • 2-level heating capacity. Allows the system to run on lower heat capacity settings when needed
  • Secondary heat exchanger. An accompanying stainless-steel exchanger that allows even more heated air to be pumped out.

As we stated earlier, Masters is a proud Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. Just so you know, only a small percentage of HVAC equipment dealers carry the Factory Authorized distinction. Here’s what that means to customers:

  • Guaranteed Excellence. Factory Authorized Dealers guarantee 100 percent customer satisfaction in all aspects, including warranty expectations and customer service.
  • A to Z Expertise. Factory Authorized Dealers are required to undergo and complete extensive training on the specific HVAC equipment. This means they know everything there is to know about the equipment and are trained to service and install it efficiently and professionally.

Remember: Masters gets there faster, so call us today to find out more about our Carrier line of gas furnaces and how we can help you.

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