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Tackle Spring Cleaning Now, Vacation Prep Later

Spring Cleaning - Masters Heating and CoolingLonger days, warmer weather and blooming flowers are all signs that spring has sprung. Those signs also point to the fact that summer is coming. So is vacation season. Getting organized as far as spring cleaning and maintenance is concerned is important at this time of year. This is especially true as it pertains to your home’s cooling and heating system, which needs some attention now and when you take off on vacation. First, let’s look at why your home’s air conditioning system needs to be number one on the spring to-do list:

  • Hidden allergens. Mostly invisible but harmful nonetheless, mold, dust and other airborne contaminants accumulate on your system’s coils and collect in the air ducts. You don’t want to breathe this nasty stuff.
  • Escalating utility bills. Dirt on your coils can make your system work harder and gobble up as much as 30% of a cooling bill, while ductwork blockages and leaks can add 20% or more to YOUR bill. Low refrigerant also leads to less efficiency and may result in another 20% increase in energy bills.
  • Being prepared. While the heat of summer is still a few months away, it will arrive before you know it. Tune-ups and maintenance are crucial in preventing an unwanted summer breakdown.

After your spring cleaning is completed, you can plan for preparing your home for an extended absence. This could mean a two-week family vacation or an extended stay at a second home in another part of the country. Normal cleaning, such as clearing out the refrigerator, all needs to be done. So does making arrangements for plant and pet care, and letting neighbors, local law enforcement agencies and utility companies know you are leaving. Other good ideas include:

  • Unplug computers and other small appliances such as televisions, microwaves, etc.
  • Check smoke detectors for fresh batteries and make sure security systems are in good working condition
  • Turn off water coming into the house at the main shutoff valve. Ask friends/neighbors to come into the house once a month, turn on water, run faucets and flush toilets.
  • Air conditioner. Who wants to pay to keep their house cool while no one is there? Turning up the thermostat to 80-85 degrees will save you money: every degree you turn it up can mean up to a 2% reduction on your energy bill. Another money-saving option is to install a remote-control WiFi thermostat.

Of course, always remember that regular tune-ups and maintenance makes spring cleaning and vacation prep easier. Call Masters Heating & Cooling today to schedule service/maintenance or for more details about WiFi thermostat installation.

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