Selecting a New Water Heater

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Selecting a New Water Heater

Finding out that your home needs a new water heater usually involves one of the following scenarios: 

  1. While performing regularly-scheduled maintenance, your Masters Heating & Cooling Inc. professional plumber discovers a minor leak or tank corrosion in the system and suggests replacement is imminent.
  2. You arrive home to a flooded home, basement, or garage.

Let’s hope that your situation is the former and you are figuring out what kind of water heater you need. Your friends at Masters can help you with that; with a simple call, we will schedule a plumbing system analysis that will help you make the right purchase and installation. Here are steps you can take in the process:


Traditional water heaters feature a tank, which holds a reservoir of hot water, usually between 30-50 gallons. Tankless systems are becoming more popular because they heat water on the spot and supply it on demand. Heat pumps and solar power are also options


You may be limited in this selection if there is not a gas line running to your home, but if there is, there are pros/cons to each in areas such as price, efficiency, etc..


Our professionally-licensed plumbers can help you decide this based on family size, number of bathrooms and water using appliances.


Know your budget. Traditional tank gas water heaters, electric and even geothermal options can help save you money, in the long run, depending on your needs and home.

Like we said before, water heater replacement can either be a reaction to a disaster or a pre-emptive investment to prevent said disaster. Either way, Masters’ plumbing pros stand ready to assist you in a new system installation. If a traditional tank unit is your choice, we offer top-of-the-line A.O. Smith models. If you decide to go tankless, we can tell you all about our Navien systems. No matter where you are in north central Indiana, we are easy to reach – call us at one of our six locations: Fort Wayne, Decatur, Angola, Indianapolis, Greenwood, Mishawaka … Masters gets there faster! Plumbing License#: PC10802392